Hi-C Fruit Drink, Grabbin' Grape 8 Ea

Flavor your fun with real fruit juice. Anytime. Anywhere. Each Hi-C drink box contains a full days supply of Vitamin C, is made with real fruit juice, and has the great taste your kids love.Grab some grape goodness and give your taste buds the flavorful treat theyve been waiting for.Available in convenient and portable 6 fl oz juice boxes. For flavors to invigorate your vibe, try the unique, flavor-forward combination of AHA Apple + Ginger. Whether you call it seltzer, carbonated water, or fizzy beverage, AHAs bold flavor pairings offer a unique flavored sparkling water experience unlike all the restand with no sodium, no sweeteners, and no calories. Discover the awakening taste of AHA Apple + Ginger.