High West Whiskey, Rendezvous 750 Ml

Batch No: 18J05. Named for the annual gathering of mountain traders in Utah's Cache Valley in the early 1800's, Rendezvous was the first whiskey ever produced by High West Distillery. This purposeful blend of aged column- and pot-still whiskeys brings a high rye mash bill and is never chill filtered. Rendezvous has a unique botanical and spice character with notes of dried cherries, cinnamon-spiced caramels, toasted walnuts, and ginger on the finish. Limited Supply. Meant to be sipped together, continuing the tradition of the old Rendezvous of the great Mountain West for years to come. - Brendan Coyle, Master Distiller; Isaac Winter, Blending & Distilling Manager. Enjoy responsibly.