Jell-O Dulce De Leche Artificially Flavored Zero Sugar Ready-to-Eat Pudding Snack Cups, 4 Ct Cups

Snack happy. Jell-O Zero Sugar Dulce de Leche Artificially Flavored Pudding Cups deliver the great taste of Jell-O Pudding in a reduced-calorie choice. Our delicious on-the-go pudding comes in individual snack cups, perfect for putting into a lunchbox or snacking at home. Our creamy artificially flavored dulce de leche pudding contains 60 calories per serving, which is 50% fewer calories than regular Jell-O chocolate pudding. Each sleeve contains four Jell-O Zero Sugar Ready-to-Eat Dulce de Leche Artificially Flavored Pudding cups for quick and easy snacking.