Kangaroo Flat Bread, Greek Pita

Soft & tasty. Restaurant style. Makes a great gourmet pizza crust - grilled, baked, or on the barbeque. Wrap it around your favorite sandwich fixin's. Our Greek Pita is the same type as that enjoyed by millions of people at their favorite Gyro restaurant. Kangaroo Greek Pita has a moist buttery flavor and a soft fluffy texture. We hope that you will enjoy it with our serving suggestions, or your own favorite creation. Top it with regular pizza fixin's and bake, or go Greek with olive oil, feta, tomato, olives, mmm! Fold it around salads, hot stir fry, or cold deli meats and cheese. Roll it up with your favorite foods, lunch meats, cheese, spreads, etc. and enjoy! Grill it on the barbeque or in a pan. Brush both sides lightly with olive oil or butter. Makes a delicious snack or dinner bread.