Kool Aid Bursts Grape Soft Drink 40.5 Fl Oz

Artificial flavor. 20 calories per bottle. 75% less sugar than leading regular soda. This product 5 g sugars; leading regular sodas 23 g sugars per 6.75 fl oz serving. Where there's Kool-Aid there's fun! Not for sale in Maine. how2recycle.info. Become a fan of Kool-Aid! facebook.com/koolaid. Please refer to code numbers on bottle or carton sleeve with all inquiries. 1-(800) 367-9225. Available in a rainbow of flavors. Kool Aid; Tropical Punch. Kool Aid; Lemonade. Kool Aid; Cherry. Kool Aid; Lemon Lime. Kool Aid; Orange. Kool Aid; Liquid Tropical Punch. Kool Aid; Liquid Grape. Kool-Aid Bursts Artificially Flavored Grape Drinks are a fun way to keep your kids hydrated. Our ready-to-drink bottles make it easy to bring a tasty grape flavored drink with you anywhere. Quench your thirst with the refreshingly sweet flavor of grape. With 75% less total sugar than leading regular sodas, this drink is a great choice for kids (this product has 5 grams of sugar; leading regular sodas have 23 grams of sugar per 6.75 fluid ounce serving). Enjoy a grape drink at school or at home. This convenient 40.5 fluid ounce pack includes six 6.75 fluid ounce drink bottles. Store them in the fridge so they're always cold and ready when you're craving a refreshing treat.