LavAzza Ground Coffee, Rossa

Torino, Italia, 1895. Lavazza Heritage: We have been devoted to coffee since 1895, treating every day as if it were the first. Each bean deserves the utmost care and attention, this is how we've created Italy's favorite coffee. We are the Lavazza family: our passion, your pleasure. Rich and full-bodied with chocolate notes. Roasting: Medium. Intensity: 5/10. Product Story: You know Qualita Rossa by its color. Red represents the enthusiasm you put into small, meaningful everyday gestures. It's the color of Italy's passion for coffee. Unmistakable for 50 years, and with it its blend of Brazilian Arabica and African and Southeast Asian Robusta beans, Qualita Rossa is the pleasure of fine coffee for any time of the day. Product of Italy.