Lipton Cold Brew Decaffeinated Iced Tea

Brews in cold water. Less packaging. Same amount of tea. No boiling necessary. Rainforest Alliance certified. 0 calories per 1/4 tea bag. This product contains 3 mg of caffeine per 8 fl oz serving. To learn more about tea's role in a healthy lifestyle call 1-888-Liptont (1-888-547-8668) or visit Real tea leaves specially blended for iced tea. Quality and taste since 1890. Our founder was a man on a mission - to share his passion for tea around the world. He believed that everyone deserved high-quality, great-tasting tea. And over 125 years later, that belief is still what drives us - inspiring more flavors, more varieties, and more love than ever for everything tea. Your tea, their brighter future. We work with Rainforest Alliance to help create a sustainable future for our farmers, their families, and their environment. A brilliant decaffeinated taste for a brighter day - We do more than just pick our tea leaves. We pick them at the peak of freshness and blend them to create the finest quality, great-tasting teas. Then, we use a proprietary process to eliminate the need for boiling water. Just add cold water and enjoy!