Maker's Mark Private Select Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whisky 750 Ml

Maker’s Mark Private Select Experience is more than just choosing your own barrel of whisky. It’s a one-of-a-kind bourbon experience that allows you to follow the process Bill Samuels, Jr., used when he created Maker’s 46®. After a day at the distillery, you and your guests will leave with the satisfaction that you’ve customized* a bourbon combination that is truly Maker’s Mark – and truly your own.OUR MAKER’S MARK PRIVATE SELECT TASTE PROFILE*These five staves can be combined in 1,001 ways to create your own personal expression;-  Baked American Pure 2:   Sweet Brown Vanilla, Caramel, Brown Spice-  Seared French Cuvée:   Oakey, Caramel, Roasted/Toasted-  Maker’s 46:   Dried Fruit, Vanilla, Spice-  Roasted French Mocha:   Char, Maple, Cacao-  Toasted French Spice:   Smoke, Coumarin, Spice