Method Foaming Sea Minerals Hand Wash Refill 828 Ml

Refill your bottle 3-ish x (2.8x to be exact). Sea minerals with vitamin E + aloe naturally derived triclosan-free. This refill conserves our planet's resources, it's also adorably chubby. Just about enough to fill your bottle 3x (2.8x to be exact), dirty hands, beware. Refilling is easy-peasy. To get the foam party started, use with Method Foaming Hand Wash bottle. We like to think of our foaming hand wash as a marshmallow of cleanliness. A soapy cloud of happiness, a reason to wash our hands more often than entirely necessary. You too? That's precisely why we made this refill. Made by and for people against dirty. What else can this pouch do (This refill does not contain any sea creatures and we're totally kidding about the other uses for this pouch, who would put a sumo suit on a squirrel)? Turtle shell protector, sleep mask, squirrel sumo suit. Certified B Corporations: We're certified to benefit our people + the planet. Never tested on animals. 87% less plastic compared to our soap bottle. Made in USA.