Milwaukee Pretzel Co Bavarian Pretzel

Rolled by hand. Feeds 3-6. Pretzel salt included. In a faraway land, past the deepest, bluest oceans and the tallest, coldest mountains, there is a magical place known as the Black Forest. It's a land filled with beauty and wonder, and it is filled with creatures of all kinds. One of these creatures is known to all as the Bavarian Beast. But he isn't a scary beast or a wild beast. He was given the nickname because of his size, for he is quite large- larger even than the homes of the neighboring elves and gnomes who live with him in the forest. But despite his beast-like size, his personality is as soft and gentle as an English Garden summer breeze. He is the kindest of creatures. He is warm, friendly and full of good cheer. And he is happiest whenever he has the chance to gather with his forest friends. He often invites them over to his hillside burrow for soup and cider, and a bit of music. His burrow is the coziest place in the Black Forest a place of welcoming and peace, where everyone feels as if they belong. While living in Germany for a year, one of our favorite things to do was sit under chestnut trees in Munich's beautiful beer gardens and enjoy a delicious soft pretzel. Those moments brought us such peace and happiness. When we returned to Milwaukee in 2013, we set out to recreate those amazing pretzels and bring them to our friends and family - and Milwaukee Pretzel Company was born! To this day, each pretzel is still handmade in Milwaukee using time-honored baking processes, high-quality ingredients and no added sugar or preservatives. We hope this pretzel brings you the same sense of "Gemutlichkeit" that we felt while sharing a pretzel together in Bavaria. Enjoy! -Katie and Matt.