Ocean Spray Juice, Cranberry, Diet 5 Cals 64 Fl Oz

Cranberry juice drink from concentrate. Contains 7% juice. Ocean Spray has been making delicious cranberry juice drinks for over 80 years. We are the cranberry experts and are dedicated to finding new ways to bring you the best our cranberries have to offer. Our tasty Ocean Spray® Diet Cranberry Juice Drink gives you health benefits of cranberry juice** without all the calories. That's because we use our special PACt™ Cranberry Extract that contains proanthocyanidins (40mg per serving), which we call PACs for short. PACs are the powerful elements found deep inside cranberries that help to cleanse and purify your body. PACt™ Cranberry Extract gives you an extra boost of cranberry PACs not found in other diet beverages. It's a refreshing, good-for-you diet drink. So go ahead and experience the power of the cranberry without all the calories! No artificial flavors or preservatives. 5 Calories per Serving With PACt™ Cranberry Extract Helps Cleanse & Purify Your Body* Pasteurized Tastes Good. Good for you!® Kosher