Old Dutch Restaurante Style White Corn Tostados Tortilla Chips

Gluten free. No preservatives. Take home your favorite restaurante! Old Dutch Restaurante style tostados are crisp, deli-cut tortilla rounds perfect for nachos or dipping. Made with stone-ground white corn and cooked in 100% pure vegetable oil, old Dutch Restaurante style tostados deliver the authentic taste, size and texture guarantee to entice tortilla chip lovers. Other favorites. Original taste, original quality, original old Dutch restaurante style tortilla chips satisfy anytime. Great for parties and get-togethers. Bite size old Dutch restaurante style tortilla chips are the ultimate dip chip! Tasty bite size nacho bursts, old Dutch restaurante style tortilla chips fulfill anyone's craving for that wonderful cheese taste. Deli-cut and delicious, old Dutch restaurante style tostados are perfect for piling on your favorite nacho toppings or for scooping up salsa. Serve all of your chips with old Dutch restaurante style salsa and salsa con queso for an authentic restaurante treat.