Ortega Taco Shells, Yellow Corn 12 Ea

Ortega Taco Shells offer the great taste and texture of yellow corn shells to help you prepare fun and tasty Mexican meals. These large taco shells are made the authentic way using whole kernel corn, giving them the distinctive flavor and aroma of traditional taco shells. Fill these crunchy and crispy taco shells with your favorite meat mixture, lettuce, tomato, cheese and taco sauce to enjoy delicious tacos with family and friends. Gluten-free and cholesterol-free, these kosher, hard taco shells are a flavorful choice for people with dietary restrictions. This hard shell tacos kit contains 12 corn taco shells that come ready to eat out of the box, and they are carefully vacuum-sealed in Ortega's proprietary freshness pack to cushion and protect them from breaking. Ortega hopes to help you create fond memories of great meals shared with your family.