Oxi Clean Laundry Whitener & Stain Remover, Power Paks 24 Ea

Revive dingy whites and remove tough stains with OxiClean White Revive Laundry Whitener and Stain Remover Power Paks. This laundry detergent booster whitens whites 40 percent better than chlorine bleach per load without the risk of chlorine spills and splatters. When used as directed, this oxygen-based, water-activated, color-safe stain remover for white clothes removes stains, and brightens and revives machine-washable white clothes, canvas shoes, sheets, t-shirts and more, all without the harsh smell of bleach. Ideal for HE and standard washing machines, these clothes whitener laundry paks work with your regular laundry detergent as a chlorine bleach alternative to revive brilliant whites. Power Paks are mess-free and require no measuring—just drop a pak into the drum, add detergent, and then add clothes. This 24 count pouch has enough fabric whitener laundry booster Power Paks for many laundry loads, so you can wear white fearlessly. From stain removers and laundry boosters to household cleaners and much more, OxiClean offers a product to fit your needs.