Pepperidge Farm® Limited Edition Old Bay Seasoned Snack Crackers 6.100 Oz

Goldfish crackers are spicing things up again with the iconic taste of OLD BAY Seasoning. For a limited time only, the signature blend of 18 herbs and spices that’s great on seafood and great on everything else is back on everyone's favorite fish-shaped cracker. Our Original Goldfish are topped with OLD BAY for a perfect-for-anytime snack that delivers big, bold flavor. For more than snacking, Goldfish are also an easy way to add excitement to your meals. Spice up your lunch by sprinkling them over chowder, crumble them up to bread fish for dinner, or simply munch them at your next BBQ. From snack time to mealtime, the irresistible way to OLD BAY is on Goldfish crackers. Go for the handful!