Pine Bros Softish Throat, Wild Cherry, Gummy Drops 30 Ea

Since 1870. Amazing original. Ranked no.1 throat coating action (In independent clinical testing, Pine Bros was ranked no. 1 over the other leading brands for its superior Throat Coating Action!). No high fructose corn syrup. Love your brothers. America's first ever gummy sore throat drop was created in 1870, and has been soothing sore throats caused by colds, flu, allergies, dry mouth, et at, for over 150 years! Unique formula made with real honey, vegetable glycerin and imported gum acacia (from sub Saharan Africa), which soothes and helps to relieve a sore, dry throat. Nomadic people of Africa and Arabia have known the beneficial effects of gum acacia for 1,000 years. Sap from the gum acacia trees is still harvested by hand. Delicious natural flavors with a real honey base for superior throat relief. For generations others have tried to match Pine Bros unique gummy consistency and effectiveness, and no one ever has. Yes, dear, Pine Bros soothe even the longest sore throats! About Our Drops: Our old fashioned starch mogul process can sometimes result in a misshapen drop or one with a small white starch residue. These are fine to eat. Thank you for buying Pine Brothers!