Pomi Finely Chopped Tomatoes 26.46 Oz

Gluten free. GMO free. From 100% fresh Italian tomatoes. Pomi Strained Tomatoes: Our traditional Italian Tomato Puree or Passata di Pomodori just went organic. It is made from freshly picked organic sun-ripened Italian tomatoes. Delicately sweet, smooth and flavorful, this sauce is one of the most used ingredients in cooking because it is easy to use and versatile. It is ideal to prepare any type of dish that needs a dash of bright red color and bold tomato flavor. Pomi Organic Chopped Tomatoes: Pomi Organic Chopped Tomatoes is the latest addition to enhance your favorite recipes using chunky, aromatic tomato pulp. Perfection is simple - 100% Italian organic tomatoes. Try it on pizza, pasta or in fish dishes. No tricks, just tomatoes. www.pomi.us.com. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube. Download our app. Find out more at www.pomi.us.com. Track your Pomi. Pomi trace the origin of this product. www.pomitrace.it. Try our new products Strained Tomatoes. BPA free. Dispose of properly. Social Footprint: Product social identity. AAA. FSC: Mix - Board from responsible sources. www.fsc.org. Made in Italy.