A full mild blend designed to be lively and satisfying for that first wake-up cup. Your coffee time made special. Making your home life more enjoyable with great coffee is our mission. Sipping Steep & Brew coffee is like diving into a pool of rich, sensual aromas and taste. Only really fresh, just hours-from-roasting fresh, coffee will deliver those sensual aromas and taste. That's why we pack this coffee into oxygen free bags within 15 minutes of roasting, blending, or flavoring. Next we race this bag to your local store and put it on the shelf - all within 48 hours of leaving our roasting plant! It's a challenge, but like you, we know fresher coffee is better coffee. Like you, we've brewed up coffee that was weeks old. It's a pallid ghost of what good coffees should taste like. We won't settle for less than just-hours-from-roasting freshness and neither should you. Our motto of - Make it fresh or no thanks - has earned us a reputation as The Coffee Snobs! Perhaps you too are a snob about coffee - you know freshness and you want fresh coffee. When you dive into your special cup of Steep & Brew, be assured that sip after sip your coffee is superbly fresh.