S.O.S Steel Wool Pads, Soap Filled, Reusable 18 Ea

Clorox® S.O.S® Reusable Soap Filled Steel Wool Pads. From the makers of Clorox® products. America's #1*. No dish soap required. Cuts through grease. Removes baked-on food. *In the US based on IRI sales data. Cuts through the tough messes. Steel wool soap pads 18. S.O.S cleans *faster with anti-rust protection. Kitchen: Pots, pans. Stoves, broilers & stove top. Oven racks. Glassware Glass cookware Tile floors. Utensils. Plates, dishes, bowls. Microwave. Refrigerator shelves. Removes coffee & tea stains. Removes sticky tags, labels & glue. Outdoor: Lawn tools. Patio furniture. Barbecue grills. Garden tools. Grill tools. Golf clubs & grips. Garage: Car windshield wipers. Car windshields. Chrome bumpers. Tires, tires & wheels. Garbage cans. Hand tools. Bathroom: Tile countertops. Glass shower doors. Porcelain tubs & sinks. Tile & linoleum floors. *Based on laboratory testing on burnt grease vs. regular soap pads. For cleaning tips, visit www.sosclorox.com. Versatile cleaning! Kitchen, bathroom, garage, outdoor. Environmental commitment: Contains biodegradable soaps and detergents. Box made from 100% recycled paperboard (minimum 35% post-consumer content). Contains no phosphorus. A list of this product's ingredients is available at www.ingredientsinside.com. Questions Call: 1-800-767-7770. ©1995, 2014.