S Rosens Buns, Klassic, Wheat With Oat Bran

Chicago Deli style buns. Since 1909. Multi-grain goodness. No trans fat. See back panel for nutritional information. Makes delicious tasting sandwiches - grilled chicken breast; tuna salad; grilled veggies; grilled salmon. Great sandwiches start with great bread! A Chicago's tradition since 1909, S. Rosen's has a proud reputation for baking the best tasting deli rolls, buns and breads. S. Rosen's Klassic Wheat with Oat Bran Buns bring hearty whole wheat flavor to your special sandwiches. A truly delicious way to make your sandwich special. - Sam Rosen. Bread provides complex carbohydrates for energy and is a naturally low fat food. Visit alphabaking.com for more information. www.alphabaking.com.