Stonyfield Farm Yogurt, Whole Milk, French Vanilla 32 Oz

Smooth & creamy. Vitamin D added. Pasture raised. USDA organic. Non GMO Project verified. 25% less sugar (Sugar has been reduced from 4 g/oz to 3 g/oz) than before. See nutrition information for saturated fat content. 6 Live Active Cultures: S. thermophilus, L. bulgaricus, L. acidophilus, bifidus, L. paracasei and L. rhamnosus. 1-800-Pro-Cows (776-2697) M-F 9-6 ET. Certified organic by QAI. Grade A. Certified gluten-free. We started producing delicious whole milk yogurts at our organic farming school in 1983. Today, over three decades later, we are every bit as proud to serve you and your family our full range of organic yogurts. - Gary. Make it with Yogurt: For more ideas and great recipes that your family can enjoy together visit