Svedka Vodka Tea Spritz, Raspberry Kiwi 4 Ea

SVEDKA Tropics Raspberry Kiwi Vodka Tea Spritz Ready to Drink Cocktail combines delicious fruit flavors with real tea for a bold yet smooth taste that is refreshing and fruit-forward without being overly sweet. Made with real black tea and sparkling water, and featuring delicious, natural fruit flavors of tropical kiwi and juicy raspberry, this vodka tea spritz offers depth of flavor and a unique taste experience that sets it apart from other sweet tea vodka offerings. At 5.0% ABV, these canned vodka drinks are well-suited for casual occasions, offering party-portable convenience in a SVEDKA vodka drink 4 pack of 12 oz (355 mL) single serve vodka cans. Enjoy this can vodka cocktail poolside, while camping, after a long day of work, or poured into tropical cocktail glasses for a different take on afternoon tea. Cut loose on a hot day, mixing this delicious fruit and tea vodka with ice and blending to enjoy an Instagram-worthy ready made mixed drink vodka slushie. Enjoy Responsibly. © 2024 Spirits Marque One, San Francisco, CA. Vodka with Tea, Natural Flavors, and Sparkling Water 5% alc. by vol.