Tasty Bite Thai Lime Rice, Organic 6.8 Oz

Tasty Bite All Natural Vegetarian Thai Lime Rice. Ready in 90 seconds. Rice with lime, coconut and lemongrass. Kosher inspection service certified. Great on the run or in your rickshaw. Let zesty lime, creamy coconut and lively spices take you on a flavor excursion. Add this perfectly cooked long grain rice to an easy stir-fry, toss it with a salad or pair it with a salad or pair it with chicken or shrimp. Ready in a flash - for whenever you're feeling a little stir-crazy. A few delicious ideas... Enjoy with any of our delicious tasty bite entrees. Pair with grilled chili beef for a zesty dinner. Toss into chicken salad for added flavor. Go to tastybite.com for more recipe ideas. Spice It UP tastybite.com. All natural. Vegetarian. No MSG. No preservatives. Kosher. 2009 PBI. Something on your mind comments@tastybite.com. Please include the code for this product in your email.