Malbec 60% - Bonarda 40%. Argentina is a land of passionate people where emotions come to life in our cuisine, dance, literature, and painting. My homeland of Mendoza is a magical, high-desert oasis where our vineyards produce some of Argentina's finest grapes and allow us to express our true passion for making wines of great character and individuality. Malbec and Bonarda are Argentina's most widely planted red grapes, so we call this wine Patriota, or Patriot, as Malbec and Bonarda have been at the core of Argentine winemaking since its foundation. Painting by Ariel Mlynarzewicz. Ernesto Catena, Createur du Vin. Red wine. www.tikalwines.com. www.vineconnections.com. Alc/Vol 13.8%. Product of Argentina.