Toasteds Crackers, Savory Onion 8 Oz

Keep snack time classic with Kellogg's Toasteds Savory Onion Crackers. Includes one, 8-ounce box of lightly toasted crackers dusted with a hint of onion flavor and toasted to perfection. With exceptional flavor, perfectly toasted crunch, and deliciously distinct crafted texture, these crackers pair perfectly with dips, spreads, and toppings. Their satisfying, oven-baked crispness is a favorite with everyone. Toasteds are cholesterol free (2g polyunsaturated fat, 1g monounsaturated fat); Each serving is low in saturated fat (4g total fat per serving). Keep a box handy for snacking at home or on the go. Ideal for pairing with dips, cheeses, and other savory ingredients, or perfect for serving to friends and family. Enjoy them on their own between meals. Make them a part of any lunch, dinner, or late-night bite. Incorporate them into your party spread for gatherings of all kinds. Any time is right for the light, perfectly toasted flavor of Kellogg's Toasteds Savory Onion Crackers.