TopCare Bandages, Self-Grip, Athletic, 3 in, Beige

3 in x 70 in (7.6 cm x 177 cm) unstretched. 3 in roll - beige. Will not stick to hair or skin, no clips needed, water resistant and tears evenly. Athletes rely on Top Care Self-Grip to help them achieve peak performance through maximum support and firm compression to their ligaments, tendons and muscles. Top Care Self-Grip's unique 98% cotton and 2% latex woven technology allows it to adhere securely to itself without the use of pins or clips. Additionally, Top Care Self-Grip does not suck to hair or skin. Top Care Self-Grip is hand-washable and reusable. The exclusive properties of Top Care Self-Grip allows it to maintain a firm grip while you move and sweat. Top Care Self-Grip stays tight even when submerged under water. Top Care Self-Grip also is excellent as a secondary bandage over sterile gauze. 1. To a muscle, joint or tissue, swelling and/or stiffening can arise. 2. Can slow the healing process by flow around the impacted area. 3. Increasing blood flow to the injured area can help to speed up the healing process. 4. Promotes healing and reduces swelling. Medical professionals recommend that you reduce swelling after an injury using R.i.c.e therapy: rest, ice, compression and elevation. It is recommended that you follow the elements of R.i.c.e. Therapy for between 24-48 hours or as needed immediately after your injury. With these 4 strategies you can both minimize swelling and the amount of recovery time for your injure. This speeds up the healing process so you can resume activity quickly. For Maximum Comfort the Following Bandage Widths are Recommended: Finger or Wrist: 1 inch or 2 inches; Ankle, Foot or Elbow: 2 inches or 3 inches; Knee or Leg: 3 inches or 4 inches. Minimum unstretched length 70 in/1.78 m. Quality guaranteed. Quality Guaranteed: This TopCare product is laboratory tested to guarantee its highest quality. Your total satisfaction is guaranteed. Questions? 1-888-423-0139. Made in the USA.