Twizzlers Candy, Pull 'N' Peel, Cherry 14 Oz

They say to never play with your food, but TWIZZLERS PULL 'N' PEEL cherry flavored chewy candy is the one exception! Grab ahold of a cherry flavored chewy candy and untangle these treats for any moment that requires a sweet break. Take a bag to your next sporting event, a road trip or picnic at the park. When movie night rolls around, grab a bag to share with your friends and family to add a bit of fun to the evening. You can even store these low fat, chewy kosher treats inside your work desk for a quick break or in your kitchen pantry to help you create edible crafts bursting with cherry flavor. Pull apart TWIZZLERS PULL 'N' PEEL cherry flavored candy, then add a string of fruity deliciousness to your cupcake icing or chocolate treats like brownies and cookies. Looking for an even greater adventure? For a unique twist, melt several white creme or milk chocolate bars, dip your TWIZZLERS candies in the melted gooeyness, then cover each piece in sprinkles and let the new treats cool! They even make scrumptious holiday treats as Christmas stocking stuffers, Halloween trick-or-treat candy, Easter egg and basket fillers and Valentine's Day presents.