Valley Lahvosh Crackerbread, Original, Hearts 8 Oz

The original crackerbread. See side panel for nutrition information. Low fat. No cholesterol. The bakery with a heart. Since 1922. Janet Saghatelian's. The History of Valley Lahvosh: Valley Lavosh Baking Company, Inc. was founded in Fresno, California, in 1922 by Gazair Saghatelian. A master baker in his native Armenia, Gazair became well known for creating his deliciously different breads and crackerbreads. Through the years, his daughter Janet carried on his traditions. Today, still under the operation of Gazair's family, and in its original historical location, Janet's daughter Agnes continues to bakery's commitment to Gazair's quality and goodness. A family tradition in taste, lovingly preserved for today's generation and beyond. The Secret of Valley Lahvosh: Valley Lahvosh is the original lavosh crackerbread, made from an ancient Armenian recipe using only the finest, most wholesome ingredients. The recipe gives Valley Lahvosh its legendary slightly sweet, nutty flavor and our special baking technique creates the unique crispness and texture that you will only find in Valley Lahvosh crackerbreads. The Bakery with a Heart: Valley Lavosh Hearts are perfect for everyday snacking and ideal for Valentine's Day, weddings, showers, and anniversaries - serve them at every loving event! Low Fat, No Cholesterol: All that taste, versatility and wholesomeness and still low fat and cholesterol free? That's right! So go ahead and snack to your heart's content! Valley Lahvosh - it's better than a cracker! Questions or comments are welcome. Please call 800/480-2704, Monday-Friday, 8 AM to 5 PM, PST.