Wheatley Vodka, 750ml Glass Bottle, 41% ABV

Craft distilled. Made under personal supervision. Harlen Wheatley small batch vodka. Craft distilled ten times, this vodka is made from a distinct recipe and unique process that delivers a delicately soft and crisp taste. Starting with a proprietary wheat recipe that is cooked, fermented, and distilled seven times on our custom micro-still, it is then married with a second recipe made from grains that has also been distilled seven times. Next, the marriage is distilled three more times in our dedicated vodka pot still. This delivers exceptionally pure and balanced vodka. Finally, after being triple filtered for clarity and bottled at 82 proof, the result is Wheatley vodka. We've been making award-winning whiskey at Buffalo Trace Distillery for over 200 years and are humbled to be the most award-winning distillery in the world. As Master Distiller, I am proud to carry on our tradition of distillation expertise and innovation with Wheatley vodka. I hope you like it. This is how vodka is supposed to taste. - Harlen Wheatley, Master Distiller. Distilled from grain. Made in limited quantities with wheat. Under the watchful eye of Harlen Wheatley. As Master Distiller of Buffalo Trace Distillery, Harlen and his dedicated team have distilled many award-winning spirits, established a worthy reputation as skilled craftsman. Ten times distilled. Made with stills No. 1104; No. 1297. Distilled with care in small batches. Harlen Wheatley - Master Distiller. Bottled in Building: Number 26. 41% alc by vol (82 proof). Produced by: Buffalo Trace Distillery 113 Great Buffalo Trace, Frankfort, KY 40601.