Wholesome Goodness Marathon Mix

Resealable bag. Healthier snacking with no added oils. Infusion roasted. 6 g protein per serving. Good source of fiber. Gluten free. Low in sodium. 0 g trans fat per serving. See nutrition panel for fat content. Simple. Naturally delicious. Marathon Mix delivers extra energy through a power packed combination of infusion roasted peanuts, almonds, English walnuts and ark chocolate covered soy nuts. A protein packed way to fuel your day. We start with premium nuts, immerse them in a sea salt bath, then slow roast them for 20 minutes. Our infusion roasted nuts are never fried and don't have heavy surface salt. As a result, you'll taste the true flavor of our nuts with less sodium and no added fat from oil. We ban over 120 ingredients used by other food companies. Protein. Source of fiber. No MSG. No preservatives. HFCS free. Low sodium. Cholesterol free. 0 g trans fat. For our full line-up of delicious products and more, visit us at: www.wholesome-goodness.com. Facebook: facebook.com/EatWholesome. Join the naturally delicious and nutritious revolution! www.wholesome-goodness.com. Product of USA. Packed in the USA.