Ziploc Storage Bags, Multi-Purpose, 2 Gallon

Unloc the convenient life with Ziploc® Brand Storage Bags. Featuring Grip ‘n Seal technology that includes easy-open tabs and non-slip textured grips, these BPA-free plastic storage bags are easy to open, hold and seal. They’re ideal for storing leftovers or pre-prepared ingredients for a healthy meal without making a mess of the bag, your hands or the kitchen! And, thanks to the airtight Smart Zip Plus Seal, you can be confident that your food and its fantastic flavors will be preserved until the moment you need them – less food wasted, more money saved! The easy-to-use, durable nature of these 2 gallon-size Ziploc® bags means they’re ideal for use in packed lunches, picnics or to store food and non-food items around the house. They’re a great way for you to pack up favorite snacks, favorite games and even favorite family traditions and keep them safe and secure until you’re ready to enjoy them. Lock in the flavor, then unloc the fun. These bags can be used again and again (when used as directed), which means you save money and reduce waste. Unloc better living with Ziploc® 2 gallon bags! Unloc the convenient life with Ziploc® brand 2 gallon storage bags.