Beyond Simply Indoor Cat Food, Salmon, Dry, Adult

Tend to your indoor cat's unique needs when you serve Purina Beyond Indoor Grain-Free Salmon, Egg & Sweet Potato Recipe adult dry cat food. Salmon is the #1 ingredient in this recipe, which is made with real, recognizable ingredients you know and trust. Each serving contains a natural fiber to aid in digestion and antioxidants to support her healthy immune health. This protein-rich, grain-free recipe is formulated with 10% less fat than Purina Beyond Simply White Meat Chicken & Whole Oat Meal Recipe to help support your indoor cat's healthy weight. We use only ingredients from our own trusted sources, and we never add artificial colors, flavors or preservatives, so she gets the nourishment she needs and nothing she doesn't. With natural ingredients plus essential nutrients, this dry cat food delivers the nutrition your cat needs to live a long, healthy life with you. Give your cat companion a natural meal you can trust when you offer up this Purina Beyond dry cat food at mealtime. Fill your cat's dish with Purina Beyond Indoor Grain-Free Salmon, Egg & Sweet Potato Recipe adult dry cat food, and give her a natural cat food that meets your ingredient criteria. This recipe is formulated without corn, wheat or soy, and without poultry by-product meal, to give her the grain-free solution you want in her daily diet. The unique formula is designed to meet the specific needs of indoor cats, and natural ingredients plus essential nutrients give her a complete and balanced meal option. We believe that when we connect with what's natural, we reconnect with what's good in food, and every ingredient in this dry cat food is purposefully chosen. Portion out this recipe according to the feeding instructions based on her weight, and make it part of her regular feeding routine. For more variety in her diet, let your feline friend explore our complete line of Purina Beyond wet and dry cat food formulas. Your cat is an important part of your family, and you want to treat her like family by giving her safe, nutritious meals. That's why our in-house pet nutritionists oversee every step in the formulation process for this recipe, and they optimize the way real ingredients and essential nutrients come together to support your pet's long-term health and well-being. This premium cat food is crafted in U.S. facilities, so you can rest easy knowing her meals are coming from a trusted source. Each batch undergoes over 680 checks for quality and safety, and we focus on natural, recognizable ingredients to give you added peace of mind every time you reach for a bag. Food choices are the most important daily decisions we make for our health and well-being, and it's no different when it comes to feeding our pets. Choose a natural cat food designed for your indoor cat when you serve Purina Beyond Indoor Grain-Free Salmon, Egg & Sweet Potato Recipe adult dry cat food. Packaging may vary Salmon is the #1 ingredient Formulated for your indoor adult cat Grain-free, protein-rich recipe Helps to support a healthy weight Contains antioxidants to help support immune system health Made without corn, wheat or soy