Stok Darker Roast Cold Brew Un Sweet Black Coffee Beverage 48 Oz

Approximately 170 mg caffeine per 12 fl oz serving. Extra bold. Still smooth. Want a darker roast? This is your Stok. If you drink coffee because you like the taste of coffee - this is your Stok. We use even more Arabica beans, dial up the roast level and let our low & slow cold-brew method unleash the flavor. You'll taste chocolaty, nutty, caramel notes. Or maybe just gutsier cold brew. That's Stok extra bold - like an eagle stalking its dreams at midnight. Extra bold never bitter. Darker Roast: A darker roast lets the coffee taste come through loud and clear. It's our boldest Stok yet. More Beans & Caffeine: We put more Arabica coffee beans in the brew than regular Stok. More beans, more caffeine, deeper coffee-first flavor. Still Smooth. We brew it low & slow - our dark roast beans are brewed at lower temperatures and steeped for 10 slow hours for a smooth taste that's never bitter. Rainforest Alliance People & Nature. Coffee. Find out more at