Floridas Natural Orange, Light, No Pulp

Light orange juice beverage. 50 calories per 8 fl oz serving. 50% less sugar & calories than our regular juice drinks. 42% orange juice. 8 fl oz serv): FN Light OJ Beverage: 11 g sugars; 50 calories. Regular Juice Drinks: 27 g sugars; 110 calories. Not from concentrate/Non-GMO. The sweet side of light. The right balance comes natural to us. Were the farmers of Florida's natural. And to craft a truly delicious light orange juice we took our 100% Florida oranges and carefully removed just the right amount of sugar and calories, creating the perfect balance of sweet and refreshing. For a delicious, full-flavored glass of sun-drenched perfection every time. Enjoy! Daniel Hunt. Lake Wales, Florida. Visit us at floridasnatural.com. Questions or comments? Toll Free: 1-888-657-6600. Sustainable Forestry Initiative: Certified sourcing. www.sfiprogram.org. Please recycle. Made from Florida oranges. Farmer owned in the USA.