Denmark's Finest Havarti Dill

Mild & creamy with the subtle tang of aromatic dill. Suitable for vegetarians. For nutrition information, please see inside label. Since 1893. Flavor strength: 2. rBST-free (FDA has determined that there is no significant difference between milk derived from rBST-treated and non-rBST-treated cows. Creatively crafted cheese. Havarti dill is a creamy, buttery cheese with the aromatic flavor of dill. Soft, mild, and subtly tangy, the taste is perfectly balanced and wonderfully flavorful. At Castello, every Havarti cheese is made to a traditional Danish recipe and crafted by our master cheese makers. We take pride in creating cheese that are both sophisticated and harmonious in flavor every time you enjoy them. Taste Castello Havarti, and you will understand why Denmark's lush pastures and cheese making heritage combine with such spectacular results. For recipe inspiration, visit Product of Denmark.