Breakstone's Cottage Doubles Blueberry Small Curd Cottage Cheese 4.7 Oz. Cup

Cottage cheese & blueberry topping. 11 g of protein per serving. 120 calories per serving. Low fat. 2% milkfat. Since 1882. Real California milk. From their New York dairy store in 1882, to the delicious cottage cheese and sour cream we love today. Joseph and Breakstone's tradition of crafting high-quality dairy is the cornerstone of all we do. Proudly crafted delicious dairy. Walton, NY. Since 1882. Breakstone's Cottage Doubles Blueberry Cottage Cheese delivers the classic cottage cheese taste and texture you know and love with a delicious blueberry topping added. This cottage cheese is made with cultured pasteurized Grade A skim milk, milk and cream. Cottage cheese with 2% milkfat and 9 grams of protein per serving is always a great choice for an easy snack. Bring a cottage cheese cup to work for a tasty lunch, or enjoy it in the morning as a quick breakfast. This convenient sealed on the go 4.7 ounce cottage cheese cup stores neatly in your refrigerator and keeps the cottage cheese ready to go for when you're craving an easy cottage cheese dessert. Breakstones is full of delicious possibilities. With cottage cheese, every tub is filled with opportunity. Let's go!