Good Karma Dairy Free Protein + Original Unsweetened Flax Milk

Drink good. Do good. Smooth & creamy. Flax packed amazing Omega-3s. We believe good makes good. Energetic and passionate, joyful and optimistic. That's us. A group of normal people full of kind-hearted intention. We believe little acts of good add up to happy hearts and warm smiles. That good food fuels good people, creating better communities and a brighter tomorrow. And we believe in food that is nutritious and delicious and lets plants shine. That's what we eat up. That's our MO. Let's do good Good Karma. 8x more than almond milk (versus 1 g protein in the leading almond milk). The Flax Facts: These tiny Omega-3 packed seeds use 15x less water than almonds. Plus protein packed peas. Flax seeds are a functional plant full of Omega-3s. Omega-3s are good fats for happy bodies. Please recycle. Recyclable.