Sweet Meadows Farms® 2% Reduced Fat Milk .5 Gal. Carton

We love our cows. You will love our milk. Sweet Meadows Farms™ milk comes from family farms that we know and trust. Our cows roam on open pastures and do not receive any artificial growth hormones or unnecessary antibiotics. We do all of this so you can enjoy the fresh taste of milk the way nature intended. Our cows roam on the rich pastures of family farms. We believe that healthy cows that roam in open air and sunshine produce the most wholesome dairy products for your family. All of our farms meet the stringent standards of the third-party Dairy Grazing certification program. This rigorous inspection guarantees that only healthy grazing cows produce Sweet Meadows Farms milk. And you can be assured that our milk is always free of artificial growth hormones. We are 100% Farmer Owned. Our family farms are dedicated to raising happy and healthy cows for the freshest and most wholesome milk. For more information, visit our website at sweetmeadowsmilk.com. Fat reduced from 8g to 5g. 100% Farmer Owned 37% Less Fat than Whole Milk Certified Pasture Grazed--Milk from Pasture-Grazed Cows No Artificial Growth Hormones* Grade A Ultra-Pasteurized; Homogenized Vitamins A & D