Southwestern Veggie Scramble Bowl

With roasted potatoes, salsa, black beans, corn, peppers, and white cheddar cheese. Made with cage-free (Hens are uncaged inside barns) egg whites. 14 g protein. Veggie. We took a cue from nature's playbook, freezing our food to keep it fresh - no preservatives required. Forkloads of flavor. We used the freshest, natural flavors of traditional Southwestern veggies to deliver the zesty, protein-packed pick-me-up every morning deserves. We believe when it comes to good food, less is more. And, well, it's just that simple. As real as it gets. Our philosophy on great tasting food is simple: keep it real. That's why we source only the finest ingredients. We use recipes created by a real chef. And we cook everything from scratch. Because it makes for meals that taste better than you ever thought frozen food could. Facebook/GoodFoodMadeSimple. Twitter: (at)GFMSimple. Instagram: (at)GFMSimple. Please recycle. Carton is made from 100% recycled content. We make eating good food simple.