Blue Bunny Bunny Snacks Ice Cream Sandwiches, Reduced Fat, Chocolate Vanilla Twist

Blue Bunny™ Bunny Snacks™ Chocolate Vanilla Twist. New. Vanilla reduced fat ice cream with fudge swirl between chocolate and vanilla flavored cookies. Ice cream fat reduced 30% from regular ice cream, from 10g to 7g per 100g. Not a reduced fat food. 6 - 2.75 fl oz (81 ml) Sandwiches. Total 16.5 fl oz (487 ml). Wells.Years & years with bunny ears since 1913. Fun designs. That's some rich fudge. Yummy ice cream. Two flavors of cookies. From our family to yours, the most fun-filled ice cream in the world is made in Le Mars, Iowa. Call: 1-800-331-0830.