Chillycow Ice Cream, Raspberry Sweet Cream, Dark Chocolate Chip

11 g protein, 190 calories per tub. 60% fewer calories (compared to leading ice creams), 60% less sugar (compared to leading ice creams), 85% less fat (compared to leading ice creams), Fat reduced 85%, from 30g to 4.5g and calories reduced 60%, from 490 to 190 per serving compared to leading ice creams. 60% less sugar per serving; 43g to 16g compared to leading ice creams. Made with ultra-filtered nonfat milk., Light ice cream with a good source of protein., Raspberry sweet cream; dark chocolate chips., Ice Cream Rule No. 1: It should taste good! This ice cream may be light, but it's done oh so right thanks to ultra-filtered nonfat milk. Every soul-satisfying spoonful delivers ridiculously rich, creamy taste and texture. It totally nails rules no. 1 on the OMG that's amazing ice cream scale.