Screamin Zabrewski Italian Special

Italian inspired special pizza. Made with beer. Made with Leinenkugels beer. Leinenkugels original beer flavored crust with other flavors. Secret recipe tomato sauce. Whole milk mozzarella cheese. Cook as directed. 100% real cheese. Brewski bites. Leinenkugel's original beer + craft pizza, well that's a no brainer! We teamed up to bring you This amazing pizza straight from Wisconsin. Milwaukee, to be exact. And we know a thing or two about beer and pizza! The legend of big mouth. It is said that big mouth still roams around today and is known by many names, but the fact is, he hides out with that Italian special. People go back and dig through old boxes, cartons and newspapers and find scattered reports of big mouth, his mysterious partner and their sidekick Leinenkugel. His partner was so saucy and loaded with pepperoni, tomatoes, peppers and onions that this wild man left tomato-stained Tracks from east to west ..and so the legend was born - a delicious pizza on a beer crust made with Leinenkugel's original beer. Celebrate responsibly. It's easy being red, white and green.