Green Giant® Riced Veggies Cauliflower 40 Oz. Bag

4 g carbs per serving. Gluten free. 85% fewer calories than rice. 85% fewer calories than the leading brand of prepared white rice (Green giant riced cauliflower contains 25 calories per 1 cup serving. Leading brand prepared white rice contains 170 calories per 1 cup serving). New. No sauce or seasoning. 100% vegetables. Behold the power of cauliflower! Green Giant Riced Veggies are an exciting way to eat veggies that are a gluten free, low calorie food. Enjoy these veggies as a delicious alternative to rice, potatoes, and pasta. Simply saute or steam and use in place of traditional rice. Veggies never tasted so good! Our love for vegetables began over 100 years ago, at Green Giant, our vegetables are picked at the peak of perfection and flash-frozen to lock in nutrients and make meals even mightier. So spark your creative side with simple, easy-prep ingredients while discovering tasty new ways to add more veggies to your plate. The goodness of veggies. Facebook. Youtube. Instagram. Questions or Comments? 1-800-754-3381. For more recipes, visit us at Product of USA.