Applegate Naturals All Natural Whole Thigh Meat Uncured Turkey Bacon

Applegate Natural Uncured Turkey Bacon is meaty, smoky, and delicious – it won’t be hard giving up pork, cold turkey. We source from family farms, where animals are raised with care and respect (Turkey raised on organic vegetarian feed, on family farms, with at least 33% more space than industry standard and environmental enrichment to promote natural behaviors and well-being). We Believe this leads to great tasting products and peace of mind - all part of our mission. Changing the meat we eat. • Applegate Natural Hickory Smoked Uncured Turkey Bacon, 8oz • No Antibiotics or Added Hormones • No Chemical Nitrites or Nitrates • No Artificial or GMO Ingredients • Humanely Raised • Gluten Free • Whole30 Approved • Sugar Free • Dairy Free • Casein Free