Dunkin' Donuts Select Bold Blend

100% premium Arabica coffee. A full-bodied, smoky roast that will keep you running at any time of the day. Expertly blended & roasted select beans. Dunkin' Signature Series simply delivers a quality cup of coffee. How do we know? We've been selecting the right beans for our favorite blends in the Signature Series lineup from our years of coffee making experience. We take the time to expertly roast each blend for optimal flavor, because we understand the importance of a great cup of joe. Substance over style. Friendly over fancy. No frills, just a good cup of coffee you can count on. - The Dunkin' Team. Roast Attributes: roast - 4; complexity - 3; body - 4. www.dunkinathome.com. For comments or questions, please call: 1-800-374-5308.