Old Orchard® Healthy Balance® Diet Pomegranate Cranberry Juice Cocktail 64 Fl. Oz. Bottle

Flavored reduced sugar juice cocktail blend from concentrate. Sweetened with Splenda brand. 4 g sugar. 5 g carbs. 20 calories. Contains 15% juice. Healthy Balance offers the great taste and refreshment of your favorite Old Orchard juice with less sugar and fewer calories. Start living the Healthy Balance lifestyle with oldorchard.com. We have designed our new site to help get you started on the road to a more active and healthy lifestyle. It offers healthy recipes, special promotions, coupons, and Q&A with a registered dietitian and certified fitness instructor. Log on today to share your comments, thoughts, and suggestions. www.oldorchard.com. We appreciate your comments and questions. To learn more about our products, please visit us at www.oldorchard.com or call 1-800-330-2173. Pasteurized. Naturally gluten free. This bottle is BPA free. I recommend Healthy Balance to my patients who are looking to reduce their sugar intake while cutting back on calories and carbs. - Amy Bragagnini - MS, RD, CSO. Ask Amy your questions about diet and nutrition, plus find healthy tips, recipes, and promotions at www.oldorchard.com. Healthy Balance: 4 g sugar; 5 g carbs; 20 calories. Compared to 100% Juice Blends: 29 g sugar; 31 g carbs; 130 calories. Healthy Balance Tip No. 81: Make simple substitutions. Plenty of ingredients, even at popular restaurants, have lower-calorie options or preparations. Cut back on fat and calories by doing simple things like getting dressing on the side, skipping the cheese or mayo, and getting skim milk in your coffee drink.