Up Mountain Switchel Beverage, Lemon

Apple cider vinegar, maple syrup & ginger. The American heritage beverage. 100% Costa Rican ginger. Born in Vermont: A huge upgrade from the lemonade stand our lemon switchel began at our local farmer's market where we put a slice of fresh lemon in every cup. Now we bottle this delicious mix for ultimate refreshment! This is Up Mountain Lemon Switchel. Stronger, Together: Up Mountain Switchel is rooted in honoring heritage. Our partnership with the Stronghold Society brings this mission to life, sharing the power of indigenous knowledge to inspire strength of mind, body and spirit. Your purchase directly helps fund skate parks, art and leadership programs in Native American communities, building leaders of tomorrow and creating real impact. You. Us. Stronghold. Together. For more info go to www.drinkswitchel.com. Please reuse 'til you recycle. Stronghold Society. Gluten free & vegan. We do not use ingredients that were produced using biotechnology.