Rishi Herbal Tea, Organic, Turmeric Chai, Caffeine-Free, Bags

A golden elixir with revitalizing turmeric, classic chai spices, and toasted coconut. USDA organic. No Leaf Unturned: We are driven by a mission to connect tea drinkers to the origins of our teas. This mission carries us around the globe every year, collaborating with artisan tea farmers during the peak growing seasons. With an innovative spirit for trade, travel and study, we welcome you to join us on our botanical journey to leave no leaf unturned. Fuller flavor. Deeper aroma. Richer body. Introducing our novel knit tea bag. Unlike common paper tea bags - which strip away the flavor and aroma of tea - the Rishi tea bag features a novel knit material designed to provide a truer infusion of our organic teas and herbal ingredients. The result is an incredibly aromatic, full-bodied cup that tastes just as rich as loose leaf tea. Origin Profile: Origin: Guatemala. Imported Guatemala turmeric. Ingredient Highlight: Turmeric (Curcuma longa). Harvest Season: April-May. Sourcing Notes: We've recently collaborated with our cardamom farmers in the rural highlands of Guatemala to produce new crops like turmeric and hibiscus. These crops, harvested at different times of the year than cardamom provide an additional income source for the farmers and establish a mutually beneficial, direct trade relationship. Flavor Story: This exquisite blend highlights golden color and revitalizing pungency of turmeric in a seductive blend of toasted coconut, sumptuous vanilla bean, and creamy sarsaparilla root. Classic chai notes of cardamom, ginger, and black pepper create irresistible depth. Can be brewed like tea or used for inventive chai recipes with nut milks, black tea, or even rosewater. Caffeine Level: None. Non-GMO. Toll free 1.866.747.4483. www.rishi-tea.com. Certified organic by QAI, Inc. Certified kosher. Product of USA.