Rot Cardamon Cinnamon

Steeps 36 cups. Cinnamon, ginger, cardamom and other herbs and spices. Natural, unbleached tea bags. Approved by the minister of leaves. Legendary spices. Native to the shadier regions of India and Sri Lanka, cardamom has the gentle, airy taste of .The forest itself - reminiscent of ginger with a pinch of pine. Cinnamon, derived from the bark of a small evergreen, brings a spicy depth and a fresh perspective. Join our Tea Revolution! We offer more than 300 premium teas and herbs with many available in sample and bulk sizes. Discover our offerings at: or call: 1-800-298-4Tea (4832) for a free catalogue. Please recycle. Certified gluten-free. Only sustainable ingredients are used. Save this recyclable, airtight container to store refills. Sip by sup rather than gulp by gulp. Caught without your teapot? Use The Republic's round, unbleached tea bag. Caffeine Content - milligrams per 6 ounce cup: herbal tea: none. Tea is contentment and contentment is love of content. Drinking tea, desires diminish and I come to see the ancient secret of happiness: wanting what I already have, inhabiting the life that is already mine. The ministers of leaves.