Dei Fratelli Diced Chili Ready Tomatoes 14.5 Oz Can

Family. The secret ingredient. Dei fratelli (day fra-tell-e), which means "of the brothers," delivers quality homegrown tomatoes straight to your kitchen. From seed to fresh-packed crop, four generations of the hirzel family have been committed to growing and canning the finest tomato products. So good, you'll swear you picked them yourself. Red for a reason. Lycopene is a proven, powerful antioxidant that occurs naturally in tomatoes and gives the tomatoes their red color. Lycopene is especially abundant and can be absorbed more efficiently by your body from cooked tomato products. Research suggests diets rich in tomato products may have long-term health benefits. All natural. Made with sea salt. In 10 minutes. Just add meat. No artificial additives or preservatives. Good source of vitamins a & C.